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Do Any Of Us Really Have Our Sh*t Together?

Hi, loves! Today I'm talking about something I think we all need to talk about more: anxiety and how it can affect those that struggle with it on a daily basis. I wrote a post similarly to this back in August, which you can read here. This may have all come out like #wordvomit (if… Continue reading Do Any Of Us Really Have Our Sh*t Together?

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Christmas Weekend Trip: Photo Diary

Happy Christmas Eve, loves! I'm so sad this is my last post in the Twelve Days Of Christmas! I can't believe how quickly time has passed, but hopefully this is a fun post to end my mini series with! Last week, Matt and I headed on a road trip down to Manchester to visit the… Continue reading Christmas Weekend Trip: Photo Diary


A Week In Finances

Happy Thursday, loves! Today's post is something a little different, but I'm hoping it'll be somewhat interesting for you to read. If you're anything like me you probably find yourself wondering where the heck your money actually goes... I don't spend beyond my means, but I really have been spending more than I ever have… Continue reading A Week In Finances