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Spotlight On: Sheet Masks

Hey, loves! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! I spent yesterday Christmas shopping and catching up on my shows while Matthew went out with the boys for the afternoon, then we had a cosy evening enjoying a takeaway and watching a few more episodes of Making A Murderer! I'm so excited to spend today relaxing together, maybe going… Continue reading Spotlight On: Sheet Masks

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What Wellness Means To Me

Happy Sunday, loves! Can you believe it's November?! It's blowing my mind that October has already been and gone, I feel like the year is going SO quickly! Michael Buble is officially my music of choice again, it's pretty much Christmas, right? I hope you're having a great weekend, we sure are! My post on Wednesday… Continue reading What Wellness Means To Me

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Reading List // Autumn

Happy Sunday, loves! I hope you are all having a lovely weekend? I am definitely enjoying the cooler weather now Autumn has arrived, and of course the extra snuggly, cosy nights with my boyfriend! (Any excuse, eh?) Matt and I have been spending all the quality time together and I feel very blessed and grateful for… Continue reading Reading List // Autumn

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It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

*photography by Matthew* Welcome back, loves! Today's post is a little out of my comfort zone; it's very personal and even for me (possibly the world's biggest oversharer) it's hard to admit to some of my feelings in this post. Grab yourself a cuppa and get cosy, it's a long one... Recently I’ve just felt… Continue reading It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

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The Women Who Inspire Me

Hi, loves! I really want my blog to have a large focus on female empowerment - of building other women up, of showing off our friends/peers and their talents, and of supporting each other no matter what. I really feel it's so important that we vocalise our support and love of the women around us;… Continue reading The Women Who Inspire Me

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Gin with Gills: #1

Welcome back, loves! If you're a little confused by the title, let me explain... Since I started my blog I have been trying to work out how I can do a 'series'. I finally came up with an idea, where each month I will talk about a topic (specifically, one word) and how it affects… Continue reading Gin with Gills: #1

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Self Care: How I Unwind

Hi, loves! I think unwinding from a long day, a bad day, or even a good day is SO important. There are so many ways we can unwind and relax, but it's not something we always take the time to do. I made a promise to myself at the start of this year that I was going to… Continue reading Self Care: How I Unwind

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Five Things I Need To Stop Doing

Hi, loves! To begin with, I'd like to make one thing very clear; I am generally a very happy person and am so grateful for everything I have. My wonderful boyfriend Matt is my absolute rock; he is a little ray of sunshine in my life and I have an indescribable love for him. My… Continue reading Five Things I Need To Stop Doing

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Today’s post is a little different from my previous posts... In my experience you have different kinds of friendships in different parts of your life. When you’re younger, friendship is usually more about circumstance than choice. If you sit next to the girl in class with french plaits, and you also wear french plaits, that’s… Continue reading Friendship

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50 Facts About Me

Hello! With a lot of encouragement from my lovely boyfriend, Matt, and a large glass of wine it’s time to hit publish on my first post…  To begin with I thought I'd ramble on with fifty facts about me; - Mashed potato is my favourite food of all time, closely followed by Krispy Kreme donuts,… Continue reading 50 Facts About Me