Mid-Week Motivation

Hey, loves! Today I really wanted to share a bunch of motivational and inspirational quotes that make me feel happy! I think we all can be super hard on ourselves from time to time and feel bogged down as a result of that, so today’s post is hopefully going to be a little ray of sunshine in your day. I’ve been feeling so stressed out and I know I needed to hear all of these quotes myself too! A few things to note on this happy Wednesday morning a) you’re doing enough, b) stop comparing yourself to other people, c) you’re beautiful, d) take time to relax and appreciate the little things, e) I hope you have a great day!

*Disclaimer: all images found on Google/Pinterest!*

Feel free to save any of these quotes, set them as your background, refer back to them, share them with friends! All creative credit is to the original artists/illustrators. Happy Wednesday, friends 🙂

-G x

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