Review: Estee Lauder Game Face Beauty Box

Happy Thursday, loves! Thank goodness it's nearly the weekend, I don't know what it is about a bank holiday week that somehow makes a four day week feel so long?! Just me? Anyway, let's get on with it... Estee Lauder own so many of the big beauty brands we all know and love - and they [...]

What’s In My Makeup Bag

*disclaimer: I know the quality in some of these photos isn't great - I took them on a cloudy Saturday afternoon and natural light was not my friend on this day!* Welcome back, loves! Today I thought I'd take you through my daily makeup routine! Last month, I wrote all about my high end beauty [...]

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

*photography by Matthew* Welcome back, loves! Today's post is a little out of my comfort zone; it's very personal and even for me (possibly the world's biggest oversharer) it's hard to admit to some of my feelings in this post. Grab yourself a cuppa and get cosy, it's a long one... Recently I’ve just felt [...]

Bedside Beauty

Happy Sunday, loves! I'm so happy it's the weekend - Matt and I are having a cosy Sunday today and I can't tell you how excited I am! We're just going to potter around and go out for Sunday lunch, which is exactly what we need after a busy week. This is the kind of [...]

A Week In Finances

Happy Thursday, loves! Today's post is something a little different, but I'm hoping it'll be somewhat interesting for you to read. If you're anything like me you probably find yourself wondering where the heck your money actually goes... I don't spend beyond my means, but I really have been spending more than I ever have [...]

Date Inspiration

Welcome back, loves! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday - I for one am very glad it's the weekend! If you're anything like Matt and I, planning date days/nights to look forward to can really get you through a long week. This weekend we had a lovely double date with my bestie, Jessy [...]

Weekend Trip Packing Tips

Hi, loves! One of the best trips to plan in my opinion, is a weekend trip! They can be pretty inexpensive if you plan them right, you get to see a large part of a new place in a short space of time and you have lots of travel options - I can guarantee there [...]

Belfast With Bae

Happy Sunday, loves! Today's post is a little travel diary from last weekend - Matt and I went for a spontaneous weekend away in Belfast, and we absolutely loved the city. Our favourite city break together so far had been Dublin, but we both liked Belfast even more - it's such a great city and I [...]

The Women Who Inspire Me

Hi, loves! I really want my blog to have a large focus on female empowerment - of building other women up, of showing off our friends/peers and their talents, and of supporting each other no matter what. I really feel it's so important that we vocalise our support and love of the women around us; [...]