Today’s post is a little different from my previous posts... In my experience you have different kinds of friendships in different parts of your life. When you’re younger, friendship is usually more about circumstance than choice. If you sit next to the girl in class with french plaits, and you also wear french plaits, that’s [...]

What’s In My Carry On Bag

Welcome back, loves! On the day this post goes live (hallelujah for scheduled posts!) Matt and I are heading off to Kos, Greece on our first holiday together and I could not be more excited! I have been lucky enough to go on lots of holidays abroad since I was one year old, yet flying [...]

My Skincare Routine

Hi, loves! As promised in my last post - here is my skincare routine! I feel like the skincare industry is so very confusing - so many products, in my opinion, are very overpriced and honestly do not live up to the crazy claims they make. Unfortunately skincare really is trial and error - it has taken me [...]

My Evening Routine

Hi, loves! I have watched morning routines/evening routines on YouTube for years now and I genuinely find them fascinating! I really love getting an insight into people's lives; seeing what products people use, the order they do things in and taking a little inspiration of things I might want to incorporate into my life. Basically, [...]

Monthly Recap: May

Inspired by Anna, from The Anna Edit, I decided to pick out a few things from each month that were personal highlights, in one form or another, and tell you about them in probably too much detail. Remember in my ‘Fifty Facts About Me’ when I said I rambled on telling stories? It'll be like [...]

50 Facts About Me

Hello! With a lot of encouragement from my lovely boyfriend, Matt, and a large glass of wine it’s time to hit publish on my first post…  To begin with I thought I'd ramble on with fifty facts about me; - Mashed potato is my favourite food of all time, closely followed by Krispy Kreme donuts, [...]

From Me To You…

Hello!  My name is Gillian, and after years of thinking about it I’m giving this blogging malarkey a go. I’m twenty four years old, based in Newcastle upon Tyne and I'm so excited about trying something new! I have taken the plunge and started my blog because… why the heck not?! I would love this [...]